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The horse in history

Many thousand years ago, the horse accompanied men day after day. A long domestication was necessary to make the horse a faithful and useful animal. And of course, it became essential to certain tasks: transport, farming, wars, crafts and so on. In fact, its strength was one of its biggest assets.

Here it is at war, ready to fight the enemies.
At first, on the Cauldron of Gundestrup, an invaluable Danish testimony of the second century BC.


Then, in the Heraldic of the Order of the Golden Fleece in the fifteenth century.


But the War is far from being its unique skill: maybe the most popular, but we shall study through other points of view.

We have to admit that the horse was essential to the human evolution; it is moreover why many civilizations venerated it. Let us think of the Celtic Goddess Epona.
In fact, many Gallic peoples liked representing it on their coins. For example, a coin of Parisii during the first century.

Nevertheless, we shall consider the moment when the horse lost gradually these statuses, through several articles, photos and videos. This long period, which continues nowadays, corresponds to the changes led by the Industrial Revolution.


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