Welcome to the Industrial World…

A world where horses lost their monopoly position. Publicités

The horse in history

Many thousand years ago, the horse accompanied men day after day. A long domestication was necessary to make the horse a faithful and useful animal. And of course, it became essential to certain tasks: transport, farming, wars, crafts and so on. In fact, its strength was one of its biggest assets. Here it is at […]

What is the Industrial Revolution ? Why a steam engine ?

Everybody knows what the Industrial Revolution is and I invite you to explore this website ( to remember some details. In our case, the important point is about the technological changes brought by this Revolution. In fact, it is difficult to talk about a Revolution (the subject is well known by Maurice Daumas, Le cheval […]

The horse in brewery…

Nevertheless, it is difficult to see the end of the horses work in the Industrial Revolution. First, the Industrial Revolution was a long period which began at different times according to the countries. Then, horses are still very useful nowadays. So, we may not see a break but different evolutions in consideration of countries or […]

And horses are always here

Even if we can think horse is an animal of an ancient world, we have to admit that it is always here, helping humans or participating in various competitions. The Industrial Revolution has never made it disappear from the human activity and still at the beginning of the 20th century, horses were part of the […]

BBC news : the world’s biggest equine sculptures!

The Kelpies: two big horse heads built in Scotland to promote the Helix Project…a way to attract tourists around the digging of a new big canal. But why horses? Because of the past! And the tradition of working horses in Scotland, for example the time when horses pulled barges along canals… BBC news : […]

Horses : a way of defending an ideal! « Horses were acquired, adopted by Native people in North America. Beginning in the early 17th century and the […] from the Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico, when it’s today New Mexico in 1680, against a Spanish garrison and a Pueblo ride the Spanish horses and horses quickly were adapted in spread and were very […]